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Family Law

Challenges Clients Face in Family Law Litigation

Most litigation involving family law involves some of the toughest emotional and financial challenges of the parties’ lives. Sometimes a party to the lawsuit will use emotional manipulation as a way of “punishing” the other parent/party. One example would be when one party raises issues for the sole purpose of dragging the matter out as long as possible. The more issues raised, the more painful (and expensive) the process can become.

Traci will help you with compassion and convenience to handle all of your family law, child custody, divorce and other family law issues. She’ll help you in all of your personal legal situations to maintain your dignity by listening carefully and tailoring her representation to what you need. She can handle settled cases, cases that will settle by an immediate referral to mediation, and fully contested divorces and child custody matters.

Will I Win?

Sadly, no one “wins” in a family law case. Traci will raise the issues of which you inform her to the best of your advantage during your litigation.  Her approach to child custody and family law litigation is always to act so as to not make a bad situation worse. She will work to defuse tensions, avoid hostility, and maximize the ability of you and the other party to arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement. Many studies show that a negotiated agreement between the parties serves both parties and their children best. An agreement allows the parties to “fine tune” matters between themselves in a way that courts are often unable to do. The court will never know your family’s needs as well as you do. Therefore, it is always prudent to work out a settlement if possible. No settlement will be reached without your direct involvement and consent. Not every case is able to be settled. When the case does not settle despite the best efforts of the attorneys and parties, Traci is well qualified to represent you at trial. In her experience, only a small percentage of cases do not reach settlement.